Construct is a fully customisable site-to-office

Information Management System


Don’t change how you work. Construct can be tailored to fit your firm and it’s branding. All forms, workflow and folder structure are bespoke.


Digital paperwork with automated workflow built in.

Enables realtime updates from the site.


Save your people time and cut project costs. Have all information to hand without going back to the office.


All your drawings auto synced from desktop to mobile. With a fully integrated snagging / punch list tool.


Mobile project management

The Construct App allows onsite access to Programme information as well as tasks and issues. Tasks can be assigned from any mobile device.

Accessible offline

Drawings, digital forms, workflow and snagging available offline with automatic sync when re-connected.


Mobile collaboration

Streamlined communication and activity updates with mobile notifications. Comments and discussion boards.

Offline or Online. In realtime. The fastest BIM collaboration tool around.

Goodbye paperwork


  • Health and Safety
  • Delivery
  • Purchase order
  • Permits
  • Invoices
  • Meeting notes
  • Risk analysis
  • Customer reports
  • Sign off
  • Checklist

How it works


Form and workflow builder

A powerful and simple tool to digitise your existing paper or PC based forms. Bring your existing processes to mobile with intuitive workflow and rules.


Brand visibility

Brand your project with logos and colour schemes. Win work and impress clients.



Allow users access only to the information they need with granular security permissions.

Available on AppStore

Flexible pricing plans. Gets you working on site and BIM compliant quickly.


Clients and Testimonials

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    Jaime de la Torre
    Very important person
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    Jenny McCormick
    Project Manager, HGY Construction
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    Director, MFST
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    Rob Parker
    CFO, London
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    Janice Williams
    Construction Manager
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    Jim Morrison
    Someone famous
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The Saviour
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